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Chemical Treatment

Years of research and development backed by laboratory tests have proven the effectiveness of our chemical treatments. Our unique biodegradable product with heavy duty corrosion inhibitors and sterilant properties has shown great success in real world applications.

Initially the application of a quality cleaning agent breaks the existing bio-film while flushing bacterial food sources from the system. This is a critical step for a successful corrosion mitigation system. Other treatment companies use a single drum, which simply sterilizes the water but ignores corrosion.

Once the system has been properly cleaned our approved corrosion inhibitor is applied.
The corrosion inhibitor is designed for long-term mitigation allowing for extended protection from bacterial re-colonization.

The Corrosion inhibitor is specifically designed to adhere to the internal components of the sprinkler system preventing bacteria from developing a “foot hold” and continuing growth.
The inhibitor is equally effective in dry or wet systems and is able to be absorbed into the most remote areas of the system. This product offers unmatched corrosion protection as it is easily absorbed into the system water.

The corrosion inhibitor is unique, in that it posses a environmentally friendly composition while being a powerful inhibitor that is equally effective on generalized corrosion as well as MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion).

Quarterly corrosion monitoring is required to assure management the corrosion mitigation plan is working. As the system is actuated annually the addition of nutrient rich waters will dilute the chemically treated system. Left unmonitored the chemicals will eventually drop below recommended levels and the system will need to be re-charged.

The corrosion inhibitor provides peace of mind to property owners that their capital investments are being safely protected.


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