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Cleaning Process

Liberty has had great success in stopping corrosion and saving fire sprinkler systems. Careful assessment of each clients unique situation allows for a custom approach with optimal results.

Liberty has found that preparing the system for treatment is a vital step towards ultimately maintaining a corrosion free environment.

Removal of scale,  tubercles, oils, shavings, and contaminated water is key to removing bacterial food sources and areas that could shelter the bacteria from the biocidal treatment.

During this cleaning phase the owners sprinkler contractor should be on site to actuate and drain the system. In addition to draining, Liberty technicians will need to inspect trouble areas such as branch lines or improperly sloped pipe sections.

Typically the system will be completely filled with biocide in 3-4 hours. A soak time of 1 hour results in a 100 percent bacterial kill rate. In addition our chemical pre treatment breaks the bio-mass preventing recolonization of MIC.

Following the soak period the system is once again drained to remove all water. Branch lines may require removal of sprinkler heads to allow for proper drainage.

Avoiding the cleaning process completely misses the point of eliminating bacterial growth however some organization continue to skip this vital step.

 Liberty understands the importance of cleaning and believes it is the first step toward years of reliable sprinkler system performance.


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