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MIC Corrosion?

Liberty Corrosion Solutions advises customers about the effects of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in sprinkler pipe. The damage being caused by corrosion is severe and is appearing in a variety of areas. Build up of rust cover tubercles are a sign that under deposit corrosion may be at work. This condition leads to fire sprinkler system failure on many levels. The system may develop pin hole leaks leading to severe water damage.

In addition to water damage the build ups often break loose as shown in this video creating material that easily blocks fire sprinkler heads and ranch lines. Our corrosion mitigation system involves a thorough cleaning of the system followed by a chemical biocide being introduced into the piping, the next step is adding a corrosion inhibitor which coats the interior of the pipe preventing continued damage.

Following the treatment the system should be monitored using a corrosion coupon and quarterly laboratory test.


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