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MIC Water Test

The projected life of schedule 40 sprinkler pipe based on 2mils loss per year should be 100+ years. MIC bacterium is responsible for accelerating corrosion, fouling fire sprinklers and destroying pipe at an alarming rate. Our water test has been developed to detect the levels of the 6 most commonly found MIC bacteria.  Liberty MIC water test will document the levels of- Acid Producing Bacteria, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, Slime Producing Bacteria, Heterotrophic Bacteria, Fluorescent Pseudomonads and Iron Related Bacteria.

Test results are recorded and graphed to clearly show levels of severity found in each system.  Most importantly the results are used to determine which chemical treatment will cost effectively treat the bacteria and return the environment to generalized corrosion levels.  Additionally our MIC water test help to estimate which systems may first produce leaks from MIC corrosion. 

Test data can help to forecast future bacterial corrosion.  Predicting future bacterial growth will allow for preventive cost saving measures to be established in a pre-corrosive state. The test detects MIC bacteria in developmental stages and monitors growth to aid in prescribing treatment when needed.

Liberty Corrosion Solutions recognizes the wide spread influence of MIC bacteria and the MIC test assists in identifying potential problem areas. All systems should however be assumed to have the possibility of leaks and or failure from MIC corrosion.

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