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Quarterly Testing

The average aggressive MIC bacterial environment will destroy a schedule 10 pipe sprinkler system every 10 years.

Recognizing the destructive potential of corrosion on fire sprinkler systems is the first step, treatment is equally important. However, assuming the system no longer needs to be monitored may allow corrosion to unexpectedly reappear. 

Each system is unique as is each water supply, therefore we strongly encourage each customer to protect their investment in a corrosion mitigation system by monitoring the systems quarterly.

A corrosion coupon system provides valuable feedback focused on actual environmental conditions within the system. Should any adjustments be needed they will be addressed immediately preventing the re-occurrence of MIC, avoiding additional damage and potential leaks.

The benefits of quarterly testing greatly out weigh the risk of corrosion again damaging the system. The small investment of quarterly tests is a fraction of the cost compared to pipe replacement, water damage and loss of property use.

Liberty technicians are trained to perform quarterly testing saving you money, time and provide laboratory reports documenting the effectiveness of the corrosion program.

We strongly recommend that our clients establish a quarterly monitoring system on all know corrosive systems.

As with all property care it is wiser to maintain the system than to replace it.


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